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The House at Alswick is the centrepiece of the estate with a unique and enchanting history.

The original building was constructed in the mid sixteenth century by the Baesh family, providing regular accommodation for Queen Elizabeth I. The Crouch family of Corney Bury then purchased the Manor in the latter part of the century, establishing a newer, larger property. Sadly, by the start of the twentieth century, the house was in a dilapidated condition. Work on restoring the original Tudor features began in 1945, yet in 1965 Alswick Hall suffered a devastating fire, and was restored by the previous owner.

In recent times, the Johnson family have carefully and sympathetically renewed and maintained the property, restoring beauty and character to this elegant and historic building. 

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the estate

The Alswick Hall Estate is situated on the hillside overlooking fields towards Buntingford in the former parish of Layston. The property was first recorded in the early eleventh century Domesday survey as comprising of a scattered settlement and at least one farm. This farm may have belonged to a Saxon lady called Aelfsige or Alfleda, which gave the place its name, ‘Alsieswiche’ or Alswick. A small Saxon / early medieval chapel that stood within the manor was given to the Priory of the Holy Trinity, Aldgate, London in the mid twelfth century.

After the dissolution of the monasteries, the Manor of Alswick was held by John Crouch, also the Lord of the Manor in Corney Bury, Buntingford. Throughout its history, Alswick Hall has been sold, given, taken; or handed down through wealthy landed families, a religious order, the Crown and a series of tenant farmers. Despite its turbulent history, the historic seventeenth century house and its associated farm buildings remain within the open landscape in which it was originally constructed.

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Launching in early 2016, learn more about the renovation project that has breathed new life into some of the ancient buildings within the estate

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